Unlocking data-driven business potentials for cross-sectorial industries

German Herrero

Head of Resources and Services Market
Germán Herrero

AGORA is an open platform that handles the brokering of brand-independent data from the different IoT devices allowing Services Providers to create new B2B and B2C data-based products and services.

AGORA offers a seamless and secure experience for sharing and monetising datasets that comes directly from connected vehicles owners riding worldwide or devices in smart buildings to cross-sectorial Data Consumers interested in accessing a harmonized vehicle and home datasets.

Business challenge


Described as the “New Oil” of the 21st century, data has the potential to shape economies around the world. Just for example, inside today’s vehicles ~4000 CAN-Bus signals/ sec are processed in comparison to very few signals in smartphones and similar devices.

This large amount of continuously gathered vehicle data represents major big data business potentials, not only for the automotive industry but in particular for cross-sectorial industries with interdisciplinary applications.



AGORA data-marketplace connects Data Providers and Data Consumers for selling and acquiring data under the standardised data model (CIDM).

It offers a secure and privacy preserving experience when selling or buying sharing big data, by having the full control over your data shared, to whom and for what purposes.

AGORA offers to cross-sectorial Data Consumers, the possibility to search for more than 200 sensor signals, display advance visualisation representations (Histograms, Geo-Histograms, Time Series) and retrieve those datasets in a seamless experience thanks to the open SDK-API created.

AGORA functionalities include:

  • A wide data catalogue and delivery of statistics for Service Providers.
  • Discovery service of requested data and identification of data owners.
  • Management of permissions (future smart contract provision service)• Secure and reliable end-to-end communication (from the cloud to the Service Providers).
  • Transactions accounting.
  • Enabled through an open interface.



AGORA offers to cross-sectorial Data Consumers to combineintegrate and analyse all data at once – regardless of source, type, size, or format – to generate the insights needed to address a wide range of end-users and customers’ needs and transform them into new business opportunities in the era of Data Economy.

Even though AGORA is targeted initially to vehicles and home building information, it can be also an implemented in several Vertical Markets (health, energy, retailers, insurances, etc).