Head of Smart Networks and Services Unit

Master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering (2004) and Research Sufficiency in Network Engineering (2007) by University of Valladolid, she has been involved for more than 15 years research and innovation international projects for both academic and industry entities, having a deep knowledge of integration solutions for heterogeneous networks and wide expertise in research project management.

She is currently Head of the Smart Networks and Service Unit in Atos Research. Some previous research works concern, among others, novel architectures for enhanced QoS in IP networks, real-time communication for multimedia services provision (VoIP), or satellite communication protocols (DVB). Her research work moved afterward to Software Networks projects (SDN/NFV) and 5G architecture since 2014;  being involved in several 5G projects,  5GEx about 5G cross-domain orchestration technical challenges and the related business models and is currently involved in two 5G projects, MATILDA and NGPaaS being mostly working to apply DevOps model into a cloud-native approach in 5G networks management including slicing issues.

Currently, her research work is focused on network management OSS solutions beyond 5G towards smart connectivity,  e.g. enhanced MANO zero-touch orchestration and real-time operations- applying AI/ML for autonomous network management. Her technical background is complemented with deep expertise in innovation consultancy, technology transfer, industrial property, project management as well as R&D and Innovation European programmes.