The third edition of the most important Spanish event of 5G technology will be virtual


Through the European project 5GENESIS, Atos will be present at the third edition of the Malaga’s 5GFORUM, which on this occasion, given the circumstances of the Covid-19, will be held fully virtually on the 6th and 7th of May.

Within the lecture "5GENESIS Málaga, a 5G platform open to innovation", the project's technical director, Pedro Merino, from the University of Málaga, will present the status of the project and the first tests performed with users who will benefit from 5G thanks to the deployed platform. This pilot is bringing the latest 5G technology to Malaga in the form of an experimental network which aims to demonstrate a latency of less than 10 milliseconds and reliability and availability of over 99%.

While the deployment of the network and antennas has been handled by Telefónica and Nokia, Atos manages the implementation of services, using network virtualization techniques within the infrastructure in order to facilitate automated management in close collaboration with the University of Málaga.

Meanwhile, Oscar Fajardo, head of the company Nemergent, will give details of the deployment and testing of 3GPP MCS service for communications among law enforcement agencies, such as the Local Police of Malaga.

The 5GForum 2020, which was going to celebrate its third edition in Malaga, has recently announced the organization and participating companies to hold the event in an online way as an exercise of social responsibility in this health crisis of the Covid-19. The official agenda will offer more than 20 presentations and several panel discussions and will also organize virtual meeting rooms for those registered to hold 15-minute meetings with the speakers or other "attendees".

The 5GENESIS project, "5th Generation End-to-end Network, Experimentation, System Integration, and Showcasing", is coordinated by the Greek National Centre for Scientific Research, DEMOKRITOS, and is composed of a consortium of 29 partners. Atos is collaborating as a technology provider and leader of the MANO (Open Source NFV Management and Orchestration) infrastructure management and orchestration activities being implemented on the project's platforms and pilots. 

In addition, Atos is contributing to the end-to-end implementation of the Malaga Testbed, as well as providing support for network virtualization and infrastructure resource management, contributing its knowledge and experience from previous projects such as 5GESSENCE or 5GTANGO. To allow the access of the experimenters into the platform, open interfaces (Open APIs) have been designed to allow interaction and to collect the results of the experiments carried out in the 5G infrastructure.

The 5GForum 2020 is the main specific event on 5G held in Spain, and since 2018 it has been bringing together annually at experts, companies and multinationals involved in the development of this new technology in the Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales in Málaga. This new technology development allows faster telecommunications and will be applied to virtually all industrial sectors in the new digital era.

On this occasion, due to the current state of alert in several countries of the European Union, the organizer and participants of the event are promoting this event as an online exercise of social responsibility and applying the leading technologies of the 5GForum.