Ecosystem for services based on integrated Cross-sectorial data streams from multiple cyber physical products and open data sources

Victor Corral
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The key motivation of the Cross-CPP project is to give cross-sectorial industries access to the great spectrum of sensor data coming from high volume products from various industrial sectors (vehicles, smart home devices, etc.).

With the increasing number of connected sensors and actuators within such mass products, this number will rise in the short-term. This enormous amount of data continuously generated by mass products is representing major challenges in data-driven Industries. However, in contrast to today's sporadic proprietary Cyber-Physical Products (CPP) ecosystems, which are in most cases restricted to CPP manufacture specific services and which are not open for third parties interested in these CPP data, the Cross-CPP project focuses on what CPP and their sensor data can bring to the outside world.

Our role

Our role is devoted to further increase the functionalities and services offered by AGORA (Shuttle of Innovation Hub). AGORA is an Open Connected Vehicle Platform and Home Building that handles the brokering of brand-independent data from the different IoT devices allowing Services Providers to create new B2B and B2C data-based products and services. It connects Data Providers and Data Consumers to facilitate the access, acquisition, and monetization of cross-sectorial data. It offers a seamless and secure experience for sharing and monetizing datasets that come directly transmitted from Mass Data sources (such as Buildings, Private Cars, etc.) to cross-sectorial Data Consumers interested in accessing to a harmonized vehicle and home datasets looking for developing new data-driven products and services.

In addition, we lead the integration of the rest of the components of the ecosystem which encompass a Data Analytics Toolbox, Context Models, and Privacy and Security policy module. Finally, ATOS is also leading Business Models and Exploitation to foster the market uptake of the data marketplace in commercial scenarios.