Acting differently, the innovation to boost our business

  • 28 Noviembre, 2019
  • Atos Spain|BTIC
  • Pº Doce Estrellas 2

After weeks of working on the presentation templates, contents, videos, leaflets, demos, media campaigns, teleconferences but also full of laughs, team spirit and fun, the ARI Digital Show took place in Madrid (BTIC room) on the 28th of November, 2019.


This edition was focused on the five ARI shuttles boosted by the Innovation Hub and on an EIT project with a high market potential. The event was welcomed by Clara Pezuela (Innovation Hub Manager) who presented the agenda, the Innovation Hub objectives and continued with the benefits of AUDP, the Atos IoT platform powered by FIWARE for smart applications. Next, the floor was given to Germán Herrero (Head of the Transport Sector) who showed how Agora can boost the generation of data-based services and the monetization of the huge amount of data coming from diverse data sources. MASAI and its role in the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector was presented from a technical and business perspective by Javier Hitado (Manufacturing Sector researcher) and José Crespo (IH business consultant).


After the coffee break, Blanca Jordán (Head of the Health Sector ) and Carlos Cavero (Health Sector researcher) demonstrated how digital services with focus on patients are possible through the HealthSuite. Meanwhile Javier Valiño and Javier Gómez (Energy Sector researchers) invited the participants to interact with a LEGO mockup to easily understand how energy services based on trending technologies like blockchain can be managed through the FUSE platform. Last but not least, José Ramón Martínez (HSD Sector researcher), Alberto Cristóbal and Miguel Rosa (Aerotools) provided a view on how drones along with Edge and Computer vision work together on critical infrastructures inspection: E-FLY.


This release 3.0 of our annual event brought us some fresh surprises. For the first time, it was forecasted in streaming for the whole company and Atos' clients both in the Auditorium room and other locations. Additionally, onsite demos were showcased to all participants, who were able to interact with the devices and test our solutions. And specially, this edition counted with the participation of Miguel Ángel García, the Head of Iberia Business & Platform Solutions, who participated very actively and congratulated all ARI team for our work and enthusiasm.

A total of 115 attendees coming from different Atos' departments and customers, 5 shuttles, 6 demos, 1 Lego mockup and 2 drones make a success of this effort, to which all ARI is contributing in somehow. Thanks for being part of this adventure!

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