Enabling new demand response advanced, market oriented and secure technologies, solutions and business models

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Javier Gomez
javier.gomez at atos.net
Engineering – Ingegneria Informatica SPA
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The energy market is evolving due to new emissions constraints and the introduction of automation and communication technologies. This evolution is converting the energy value chain from a top-down structure (huge power stations supplying final passive customers) to a distributed model, where final users are now able to produce and sell energy thanks to renewable energies.

Aims to research, validate, and bring into pre-commercialization phase a near-real-time closed-loop Demand Response fully autonomous, secure, and decentralised framework, exploiting Blockchain, and Big Data technologies.

eDREAM vision is for a novel near real-time Closed Loop optimal blockchain-based Demand Response, where DSOs and aggregators cooperate within a novel market framework, with a view to exploiting the potential flexibility of a large variety of third-party assets while preserving the continuity, security, and reliability of supply.

Our role

Our team plays a crucial role in this project with two main goals: being responsible for the integration of the whole platform and developing a brand-new big data tool for clustering the customers’ flexibility.