Welcome to the century of digitalised and decentralised energy systems

Javier Valiño

Energy, Climate & Decarbonization Head of Unit
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Our mission is contributing to the evolution, digitalisation, decentralisation and decarbonisation of the Energy Sector.

This can be just achieved through a full digitalization of the value chain and an effort to unlock the value of data, breaking the ownership and vendor locking. In order to do so, innovative digital solutions have to be put in place, guaranteeing the openness, trust, security and sovereignty of the services provided.

The ECD unit aims at paving the way for all energy stakeholders to have the (digital) means towards this end, using beyond-state-pf-the-art technologies such as IoT, Blockchain or AI, among others.

This inclusion also demands adequate business cases to drive this innovation into a traditional sector.


The evolution of the Energy sector demands the coexistence of emerging and legacy solutions, standards for communication at device level, and preparation of the data to be analysed and eventually shared.

Digital Energy Platforms are expected to evolve to break their current vertical, on-site and closed approach towards open, federated and data sharing ecosystems.

This is the concept of Data Spaces, driven at EU level by industry and research clusters and associations such as Gaia-X or IDSA.

Atos, as board/founding member of both initiatives, is truly believing this is the future for digital platforms and the EU data economy, specially in a strategic sector such as Energy.

On top of these data sharing platforms, the use of AI is essential to provide advanced services allowing to optimally address business needs such as improving the forecasting, optimal scheduling, predictive maintenance, and automation of the sector.

To foster collaboration among different energy vectors such as power, gas, and heat, the FUSE Shuttle (Framework for Utilities and Services) has been developed with the aim to reduce integration problems, keep under control data sharing and interaction, and provide added value through advanced services using valorised data.


FUSE platform is the unit cornerstone asset. It is based on open standards/APIs to support interoperability, modularity, scalability, and, therefore, pave the way towards an inclusive energy ecosystem. Main challenges are: 

  • Adoption of standard rules of data/service federation so as to have a Gaia-X and IDSA compliant framework
  • Investigation on common/horizontal data sharing services, enabling the identification, harmonization and monitoring of data sharing, in alignment with Gaia-X and IDSA requirements
  • Connection to data and service marketplaces to provide advanced features solving concrete energy needs, such as
    • Sustainable integration of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in cities and management of energy flows for charging.
    • Management of Distributed energy resources to optimise grid operation and maintenance.
    • Customer segmentation based on consumption patterns.
    • Cross-energy vector collaboration to maximise renewable generation capacity, promote self-consumption, and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels.
    • Provision of reliable Modelling and Forecasting mechanisms enabling efficient planning of energy assets.
    • Development of flexibility scheduling mechanisms to maximise the revenue and optimise the behavior of energy stakeholders.
    • Inclusion of predictive maintenance and digital twin modelling techniques so as to enlarge the operational life of energy assets.

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