DATA Platform for Auditable and Secure data Sharing

Context and challenge to answer


One of the main stumbling blocks for digital transformation is the difficulty to access external data assets in a secure and traceable manner. There is a clear need for platforms that offer not only access control to datasets, but also means to query different data based on a variety of criteria in a distributed fashion.

In addition, platform should allow combination of the query results, while preserving security and traceability of the interactions, thereby creating a trustworthy environment for interaction of  different stakeholders in data ecosystems.

Description and offered functionality


DataPass is a blockchain-based network for data sharing. It provides means for data providers to expose their data as external relational databases or external APIs in a secure and privacy-preserving way and is enabling distributed querying of those data to members of a private blockchain network. Users of the network will be able to run queries while data providers will retain the ability to approve or deny access, managed by specific smart contracts and traceable via auditable logs and immutable distributed ledger.

The main innovation is that platform allows off-chain managing of big files (e.g. 3D images such as medical body scans), meaning that the metadata resides on the blockchain while the actual data is contained in files managed outside the blockchain.

The solution provides the following:

  • Blockchain-based data-sharing private network.
  • Smart Contracts to enable trusted transactions among stakeholders in the network.
  • Off-chain management of big datasets to avoid issues of managing large files in a blockchain, that slows down overall performance.
  • Distributed queries to external databases for searching data.
  • Distributed queries to external APIs.

Value proposition for Atos


The solution can be included in Atos offering when there is a need for data gathering from different stakeholders in a secure and privacy-preserving manner The solution adds auditability and immutability of the transactions, thanks to the use of a distributed ledger, contributing in this way to increase trust among network’ participants.

Potential use cases


Data sharing through use of distributed queries is applicable to different sectors or industries. Examples are in health and retail, but it can be used potentially in any other sector.

It is especially easy to implement when data providers expose their data in the form of SQL databases.

Future Roadmap


The plan is to extend proof-of-concept to the other domains, especially when it comes to the functionality of data gathering from external databases. Additionally, it is intended to study monetization aspects.

Last but not least, an user  interface (currently mainly a back-end solution) will be also provided.