A Context-aware Distributed Social Networking Framework

Carlos Alberto Martin
carlosalberto.martinedo at atos.net
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Imagine a new platform for building your own decentralised social media apps on Android allowing users to connect with people, stores, institutions, and even sensors according to their interests, location or availability, and giving the control and ownership of data back to the user generating content. Imagine the possibility of developing your apps with all these features and more in the safest possible way also allowing tools to monetise content and data. That is HELIOS!

Funded by the European Commission under the H2020 Programme, the HELIOS project is investigating and developing multiple technologies to make this possible with novel concepts for social graph creation and management grounded in trust and transparency.

Our role

From the Media Unit, we are developing the Media Streaming module that will provide several media capabilities such as video calls, streaming, adaptative and live streaming, and media sharing for two of the validation apps. On the Beta release of the platform, which will be launched at the end of June, features such as WebRTC Video calls, media file sharing, and video streaming will become public as well as the other modules developed by different partners.

In addition, our team is responsible for the integration of the different modules and components that make part of the HELIOS platform within WP6, and leader for the communication, dissemination and market outreach tasks.

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