Large demonstration of user centric urban and long-range charging solutions to boost an engaging deployment of Electric Vehicles in Europe

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Miguel Rodriguez
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Renault SAS
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Aims to demonstrate an innovative set of charging infrastructures, technologies, and associated business models, ready to improve the Electric Vehicles (EV) users experience beyond early adopters, thus, fostering the EV market share in the EU. 5 demo environments at urban, peri-urban, and extra-urban conditions will be ready for the deployment of 7 use cases, addressing:

  • Smart and bi-directional charging optimized at different aggregation levels
  • Dynamic wireless charging lane in an urban area
  • Dynamic wireless charging for long-distance (e-road prototype for TEN-T corridors)
  • Charging Hub in a park&ride facility
  • Superfast charging systems for EU corridors
  • Low power DC bidirectional charging infrastructure for EVs, including two-wheelers
  • Opportunity wireless charging for taxi queue lanes in airports & central stations