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Lydia Montandon

Business Development Director
Lydia Montandon
ARI 3C's

We believe that successful and sustainable companies are those with the capacity to adapt to changes, accept that there are new ways of doing things and willing to mobilize all internal and external resources to generate more value.

Based on its day-to-day activity, Atos Research & Innovation team (ARI) has developed efficient working processes, methodologies, knowledge and collaborative tools that can benefit our customers.

In addition to assistance to the preparation and development of research and innovation projects, our team can provide services related to the innovation process, such as emerging technologies watch, ideas generation and value proposition workshops (3C's), innovation management and capacity building, etc. All those activities are supported by state-of-the-art methodologies and IT tools to offer efficient and skillful support.

Key benefits for our clients

  • Adopt a true innovation mindset and be at the cutting edge.
  • Access to and participation in RDI programs.
  • Work in collaboration with organizations all over Europe.
  • Gain competitiveness.

RDI support services

From RDI to market

From innovation strategy to project management, from ideas generation to identification of funding, from opportunities to tangible outcomes, our extensive experience enables us to provide reliable Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) support and consulting services.

We cover the whole innovation cycle, including identification of funding sources and programs, proposals preparation, and establishment of multidisciplinary consortia, tapping into our large base of reliable partners. Support services also include contract negotiation, as well as the following administrative / financial management and technical coordination of funded projects.

Challenges · Creativity · Co-work


People are at the center of our approach. The change of mindset in the whole organization enabling the adoption of technologies is more important than technology itself. New ways of collaborating become crucial, as teams are expected to be more efficient and successful. 

So, ARI 3C’s offering (Challenges, Creativity and Co-work) focuses on the human side of digital transformation. We help organizations address the challenge of moving to an innovation mindset and a culture of empowerment.

We help people identifying barriers and opportunities based on real needs and encourage teams to solve problems with a new mindset. We have designed different hands-on sessions where participants learn by doing and, with the support of our largely experienced team, put into practice innovation and creativity techniques.

For more details, please download the OnePager attached at the end of this page.

Innovation Management Processes

Innovation Management Funnel

Atos, thanks to ARI (Atos Research & Innovation group), is rated as the Spanish consulting company involved in most EU RDI (Research & Development and Innovation) initiatives, with more than 30 years of experience coordinating and participating in EU projects. Atos is active in the most relevant forums within the national and international RDI activity, contributing to the future strategic agendas defined by different technological platforms.

We have a large multidisciplinary team of professionals, specialized and experienced in the development and management of research and innovation projects. Our approach to innovation is based on years of experience and draws upon methodologies that we have developed and applied with our teams.

Our innovation management methodology includes steps such as:

  • Exploration, tech and market watch, empathy discovery
  • Idea generation and prioritization
  • Incubation and PoCs development
  • Value proposition and business modelling
  • Assets evaluation and acceleration
  • Validation and go-to-market
  • Sustainability models and business plans

Training and Capacity Building

Need training about an emerging topic?

To address the various needs of our clients, we offer training and capacity building in different areas and with different learning objectives:

  1. Insights into new emerging technologies, use cases and business potential by experts involved in the latest developments and in multi-disciplinary projects.
  2. Learning about the different existing and applied methodologies for agile development and proven innovation management in multiple projects and diverse business contexts.
  3. How to prepare RDI proposals and run projects, including insights about project management, technology development, dissemination and value proposition of outcomes for go-to-market.

We offer training and capacity building sessions online and face-to-face, depending on different requirements (time available, audience size, confinement conditions, etc.). However, independently of the delivery mode, interaction, learning by doing practices and learners follow up is key to our approach and will always be prioritized.