Jose Ramón Martinez

Jose Ramón is currently technical manager for HSD projects and technological specialist in ATOS. He is currently centered in the development of visual analytics solutions using Deep Learning. He has a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. In Atos he works in the Homeland and Security Defence Sector that is part of the Atos Research & Innovation department. He has been involved as technical manager and participants in several research European projects like CIRAS (Critical Infrastructure Risk Assessment Support), ZONeSEC (EU framework for the security of widezones), ALFA (prediction of smugglers' landing areas) and E-FLY (EIT-digital). He has a strong technical background in software development, software architecture and R&D, team management and technical coordination. Jose-Ramon has a solid expertise in international team coordination and a long-time experience in NATO groups and in international standardization organizations like SISO.