PLEDGER is a project coordinated by Atos Spain which started in December 2019. PLEDGER is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The project aims to deliver a new architectural paradigm that will pave the way for next-generation edge computing infrastructures, tackling the modern challenges and coupling the benefits of low latencies on the edge with the robustness and resilience of cloud infrastructures.

Current approaches are not sufficient to address the forthcoming massive usage of edge computing in the frame of large IoT deployments in smart cities and industrial applications. To this direction, PLEDGER is advancing towards the completion of a blueprint that introduces an architectural paradigm bridging four different worlds: IoT, Edge Computing, Cloud Computing and Distributed Ledger Technologies.

PLEDGER introduces innovative architectural elements related to coupling cloud and edge computing capabilities with each other, enhancing cloud and edge services behaviour measurability, monitoring and predictability, and achieving higher levels of trust in open trustless edge/fog infrastructures by coupling them with blockchain-related technologies. To offer these capabilities, PLEDGER introduces management, evaluation and support mechanisms and subsystems that enhance the seamless operation of future edge/cloud applications, such as Mixed Reality applications on the edge, Edge Infrastructure for the safety of Vulnerable Road Users, and Data mining on the edge.

A detailed behavioural and functional view of the PLEDGER architecture, as well as a full breakdown of its components and subsystems, is presented in the upcoming deliverable D2.3 [PLEDGER Overall Architecture] which will be soon available at the PLEDGER website, so stay tuned!


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