Implementing harmonized management processes to deliver excellent services

Susana Palomares

National Programs Manager
Susana Palomares

Added value


The Project and Proposals Management (PPM) strives to contribute to the ARI innovation strategy by designing and delivering professionalized and specialized management  services and  procedures becoming so a key a reference in the European context.

The PPM team is also responsible for the assessment of the innovation opportunities in national and European programs and of continuous collaboration with other Atos industries.

The PPM aims at supporting ARI units by discharging them from the managerial  and administrative work in projects and proposals, so  that they can focus on their core: the technical and  innovation aspects.



The PPM relies on the professionalization and specialization of the management team to reach and maintain good quality standards of work:

  • Provision of a group wide standard approach to project and proposals management and quality.
  • Delivery of  full and accurate visibility of project status
  • Creation of a knowledge base with lessons learned and  best practices from past projects and proposals.
  • Increase of projects efficiency, projects quality and reduction of projects risk.
  • Support from a project and proposals team with the tools and processes they need to improve the  probability of successful delivery.
  • Improvement of project and proposals management  processes and success