The I-SEAMORE purpose is to provide an ecosystem, a holistic and advanced platform capable of managing the operation of multiple assets and syst
LAGO (Lessen data Access and Governance Obstacles) will develop a European research data ecosystem (EU-RDE) roadmap for the fight against crime and terrori
SILVANUS envisages to deliver an environmentally sustainable and climate resilient forest management platform through innovative capabilities to prevent and combat against the i
Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the key technologies shaping the future of the internet and the world.
FlexiGrobots is an Innovation Action aiming to build a platform for flexible heterogeneous multi-robot systems for intelligent automation of precision agriculture operations, providing multiple ben
The S4Allcities Digital Twins, specialize in the digital representation and machine understanding of major real-time processes and objects which are encountered in physical urban smart spaces.
Millions of people around the world are affected by man-made and natural disasters – from hurricanes and fires to explosions and earthquakes – every year. STRATEGY project will address crisis management, validated by sustainable tests and evaluation frameworks that can improve the crisis management and disaster resilience capabilities.
The project will deliver a unique, integrated environment of curated datasets and data management, manipulation, and analysis tools addressing the full lifecycle of policy manageme
Digital Europe for All (DE4A) effectively puts forward a new Member State-driven large-scale pilot aimed at compliance with Single Digital Gateway.
GIDPROvis brings two original and breakthrough technologies - Gas Ion Distillation (GID) and Sequential Ion Processing (PRO) that allows an ultra fast identification of volatile chemica
GRAPEVINE is the European initiative that will improve current pest prediction and control systems in the wine sector, thanks to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence techno
The PHOENIX approach focuses on the protection of the European end-to-end EPES (Electrical Power and Energy System) (from energy production to presumption) via the
COSMIC proposes an innovative approach for the detection of CBRNE materials allowing fast inspection of a large number of containers and vehicles in seaports and i