Healthy Homes is a cloud-based system for municipalities and facility managers for energy savings and indoor air qu
AURORAL started in January 2021 and it is estimated to end on December 31st 2024.
BD4NRG aims to enable an incremental decentralized energy data-driven ecosystem and a collaborative data sovereignty driven ecosystem.
ERATOSTHENES project started in October 2021.
GreenMov, green and smart mobility will be improved for citizens, companies, and public administrations pivoting around three purposes:
MARVEL aspires the convergence of a set of technologies in the areas of AI, analytics, multimodal perception, software engineer
The AI-on-demand regional platforms built by DIH4AI are based on an Innovation & Collaboration platform developed i
The Eur3ka will be repurposing the manufacturing for vital medical supplies and equipment.
The objective of ENSURESEC is to deliver a sociotechnical solution for safeguarding e-commerce operations against cyber and physical threats.
The ARCADIAN-IoT project will accelerate the development of IoT systems towards decentralized, transparent and user controllable privacy
 IRIS is a HORIZON 2020 EU funded project beginning October 2017 for a duration of five years. 
The Electrical Power and Energy Systems (EPES) is a complex yet critical infrastructure that is also vulnerable to cyberattacks.
Smart5Grid aims to revolutionize the Energy Vertical industry through the successful establishment of four fundamental functio
The S4Allcities Digital Twins, specialize in the digital representation and machine understanding of major real-time processes and objects which are encountered in physical urban smart spaces.
HUB4CLOUD is a Coordination & Support Action project aiming to contribute to transform the current community of Cloud Computing researcher
The EU-funded PHYSICS project is empowering European cloud service providers to leverage cutting-edge, scalable and cost-effective cloud models, such as function-as-a-service (FaaS