INTEGRADDE aims to develop an end-to-end Digital Additive Manufacturing (AM) solution, based on DED technologies [i.e.
Building a European community of stakeholders on EO in agriculture, with the perspective of contributing to the Strategic Research Agenda and poli
BigMedilytics is a BDV PPP Lighthouse project aiming at Improving healthcare in Europe through big data. 
BodyPass aims to break barriers between health sector and consumer goods sector and eliminate the current data silos.
The DataBench project addresses this significant gap in the current benchmarking community’s activities, by providing certifiable benchmarks and evaluation schemes of BDT p
The energy market is evolving due to new emissions constraints and the introduction of automation and communication technologies.
CANDELA is a platform that uses Copernicus data and brings together all those who use, create and interpret geodata, combining data, software,


Big Data will have a profound economic and societal impact in the mobility and logistics sector, which is one of the most-used industries in the world contributing to approximately 15% of GDP.
The overall objective of the NEWBITS project is to provide with a deep understanding of the changing conditions and dynamics that affect and/or influence C-ITS innovations.
Supply chain visibility supported by easy access to, and exchange and use of relevant and abundant logistics-related information is an important prerequisite for the deployment of pan-European logi
LEPS project aims at promoting the use of eID in the private sector, especially in Spain and Greece, thus promoting  the development of cross-border activities between these two countries and abroa
The project STOP-IT (Strategic, Tactical, Operational Protection of water Infrastructure against cyber-physical Threats) focuses on finding solutions to protect cr
SMESEC aims to provide a complete security framework carefully adjusted on the peculiarities of small and medium size companies and organizations.
HarmonicSS develops a platform with open standards and tools, designed to enable secure storage, governance, analytics and controlled sharing of information of
The main objective of ALFA, is the development of a system for timely detection, classification and understanding of the intentions of suspected air targets.
CrowdHEALTH intends to integrate high volumes health-related heterogeneous data from multiple sources with the aim of supporting policy making decisions.
The mF2C project sets the goal of designing an open, secure, decentralized, multi-stakeholder management framework, including novel programming models, privacy and security, data storage techniques