Aims to reinforce the European leadership in aeronautics by developing an open-source solution for aircraft maintenance, the Integrated Fleet Health Management (IFHM) system.
CUREX addresses comprehensively the protection of the confidentiality and integrity of health data by producing a novel, flexible and scalable situational awarenes
The objective is to establish an IT environment for the integration and analytics of data streams coming from high volume (mass) products with cyber physical features, as well from Open Data Source
HiDALGO is developing novel methods, algorithms and software for HPC and HPDA to accurately model and simulate the complex processes, which arise in connection wit
Aims to validate 5G KPIs for various 5G use cases, in both controlled set-ups and large-scale events.
FINSEC, (Integrated Framework for Predictive and Collaborative Security of Financial Infrastructures), is a flagship project which develops, demonstrates and bring
YAKSHA aims at reinforcing EU-ASEAN cooperation & building partnerships in the cybersecurity domain by developing a solution tailored to the s
THREAT-ARREST aims to develop an advanced training platform incorporating emulation, simulation, serious gaming and visualization capabilities to adequately prepar is a European initiative that addresses the need for effective, user-friendly environments dedicated to training of professionals in the field of cybersecurit
DEFeND is an international partnership that will deliver a platform to empower organizations in different sectors to assess and comply to the European Union’s General Data
Atos participates in this project to addresses the way that networks of entrepreneurship can be fostered through activities and initiatives driven by large organisations in a manner that engages sm
LIVING INNOVATION (LIV_IN) is a new initiative that aims to develop responsible, smart home solutions that tackle societal challenges and respond to pressing socie
The common challenge in CIVILnEXt is to develop, test and validate a cost-effective and interoperable operation control platform (OCP) that will support the conduct of civilian CSDP missions.
Based on FIWARE standard APIs and Data Models, City Enabler addresses key challenges of data management by providing innovative and powerful tools for cities to collect, organize, harmonize and giv
The objective of PERSONA is to develop a unified and tailored impact assessment method and carry out comprehensive assessments of the acceptability of wide range of contactless crossing point techn
Aims to optimise the information security in IoT platforms and networks in a holistic, cross-layered manner (i.e IoT platforms, devices, honeypots, SDN routers, and operators controller) in order t
Aims to deliver predictive security services that span multiple IoT platforms and networks of smart objects and are based on security building blocks at both the edge and the core of IoT systems.