5GROUTES will conduct advanced field trials of most representative and innovative Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) applications across a designated 5G cross-border corridor s
5GMED covers Connected and Automated Mobility aiming to bring sustainable 5G deployment model for future mobility in the Mediterranean Cross-Border Corridor (Figueres-Perpignan).
AFFORDABLE5G, project coordinated by our New Media, Edge & Technologies team, will create a 5G network that delivers a complete and affordable solution covering the needs of pr
TeraFlow will create a novel cloud-native SDN controller for beyond 5G networks.
The Hexa-X project is the flagship for beyond 5G/6G vision and intelligent fabric of technology enablers connecting human, physical, and digital worlds: connected intelligence, networks of networks
It will also contribute to security, privacy and trusts systems. 
Smart5Grid aims to revolutionize the Energy Vertical industry through the successful establishment of four fundamental functio
Aims to develop solutions for zero-touch service, network and security management in multi-stakeholder environments, making use of Smart Contracts based on Distributed Ledgers Technologies to imple
Aims to demonstrate the ability of 5G to support multiple vertical use cases concurrently on the same infrastructure.
Aims to validate 5G KPIs for various 5G use cases, in both controlled set-ups and large-scale events.