Enabling educational and training challenges to promote a low-carbon energy sector

 ASSET project HSD & Societal Transformation
Sara Díez Mínguez
Nadia Politou
Atos Spain
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

Aims to create a community and to provide the tools to create and share the knowledge and skills needed to efficiently tackle the energy transition processes, across this holistic and scalable solution for research, innovation, and education in energy transition

Atos leads in one hand project management and coordination and on another hand, is in charge of the project website creation, community section development, and social media networks administration and co-coordinate all of them. Additionally, Atos is “Ecosystem Sustainability and Exploitation” task leader. Atos is also involved with the small efforts in the WP2 “Energy transition skills identification and societal challenges” and WP3 “Energy transition programs preparation” tasks. 

Our role

Atos Spain is responsible for the project coordination. We also provide support on the learning graph concepts and tool based on our experience in the MaTHiSiS project and also implement the online tools for tutors the support the learning graph creation. Furthermore, Atos contribute actively to the ASSET’s network expansion connecting consortium with relevant industry and research groups leveraging its relationship with BRIDGE.