Supporting the Big Data Value PPP in realizing a vibrant data-driven EU economy and contribute to the implementation of the PPP

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Tomás Pariente
Nuria de Lama
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

BDVe provides coordination and support for the H2020 projects within the Big Data Value Public-Private Partnership as well as for the activities of the Big Data Value Association looking for maximizing the impact of a Data-driven economy in Europe. For this we have a portfolio that includes elements like measuring the impact of the PPP, run the communication strategy of the program through web channels and events, organize knowledge exchange activities in the context of the governance structure and operate an umbrella of diverse tools to increase the value of the ecosystem (including an innovation marketplace, a Big Data visual landscape, a badges system to certify big data skills, a Big Data Education Hub with access to all Big Data and AI masters in the EU, a series of webinars, etc).

Our role

Atos runs the management of the action (in cooperation with SAP) and leads specifically the activities aiming at attracting and engaging different stakeholders in the ecosystem, ranging from SMEs and startups to users in diverse industries of relevance in Europe. Atos has set up the Big Data Landscape, is responsible for the webinar series (one of the most successful tools for knowledge sharing), and plays an active role in the communication strategy, notably in the organization of events. In addition, Atos chairs the Steering Committee, the forum where all the project coordinators (a portfolio of +40 projects) meet.