Jose Ramón Martinez
Funding Program
Project Date

Integrated and mobile-based solution for physical access control based on high-assurance levels cyber identity evidence such as eID card or ePassport, and
biometrics. Thanks to the new eIDAS regulation, on-going infrastructure (implementation of national eIDAS nodes), and components brought by technology
providers, the solution will target any European citizen travelling abroad and will have pan-European impacts: higher convenience, identity fraud reduction, faster
procedures, and lower costs.

The technologies developed will be validated in two scenarios:

  • Car sharing in Budapest
  • Smart Locker for physical delivery of goods in Spain
Our role

We are responsible for setting-up the pilot deployment plan where key features of the CY-PACK solution (including mobile app adapted to interact with cyber-physical access control mechanism of i.e. smart locker) will be validated in the specific technological environment of the end-user (e.g. service provider app) with the prospect of adoption. Moreover, we provide support of pilot execution with field tests (special focus will be placed on designing and validating with the focus target of users an optimal customer journey).