EUropean Vital Medical Supplies and Equipment Resilient and Reliable Repurposing Manufacturing as a Service NetworK for fast PAndemic Reaction

EUR3KA H2020 project
Jesús Benedicto Cirujeda
Engineering – Ingegneria Informatica SPA
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

The Eur3ka will be repurposing the manufacturing for vital medical supplies and equipment. Enhancing personal skills, new industrial value chains, service innovation, technological innovation, innovation methodologies, process innovation to fight Pandemics like Covid 19. It started in December 2020, and it is estimated to end in November 2022.

Eur3ka will deliver a trusted and unique capability to plug and collectively respond to a sudden increase in demand in a coordinated and effective manner at an unprecedented scale, with the objective of accelerate current digital transformation industry4.0 efforts, as well as flexible regulations and tailored workforce re-/up- skilling.

Our role

Atos is leading a task focused on the design of specifications and the development of a sovereign industrial data space that is integrated with Gaia-X federated data distribution specifications.

Atos will focus on the deployment of the digital lean QU4LITY and i3-MARKET platforms for additive manufacturing networks. In addition, will work on data connector sovereignty and Dynamic Information Access and Usage Control reference models, and providing specifications for the Eur3ka Digital Lean framework adapting the QU4LITY autonomous quality framework based on medical product specifications.