European e-Infrastructure for extreme data analytics in sustainable development

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EUXDAT is building up a Large Data Analytics-as-a-Service e-Infrastructure with several software layers supporting sustainable and productive agriculture, soil, protection, water protection, regional biodiversity and green infrastructure sustainable development by building a robust e-infrastructure connection with heterogeneous data sources, combining expertise from various disciplines and the results of past successful projects in the areas of agriculture, forestry, green infrastructure, spatial and environmental planning, geomatics and ecosystems. 

EUXDAT proposes an e-Infrastructure, which addresses agriculture, land monitoring and energy efficiency for a sustainable development, as a way to support planning policies.

The project has three pilots including: 

  • Land Monitoring and Sustainable Management 
  • Energy Efficiency Analysis 
  • 3D Farming 
Our role

Atos is the project coordinator and the exploitation leader. Additionally, Atos collaborates in the development of the platform infrastructure, the integration activities and supports the deployment of the pilots.

Furhtemore, Atos also contributes to the integration of both earth observation topics and processing of satellite images and observation sensors into OGC standards.