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José Francisco Ruiz
FHNW University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
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H2020 h2020
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GEIGER will be an innovative solution with associated components and an Education Ecosystem addressing security, privacy and data protection risks of and for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Microenterprises (SMEs&MEs) in Europe.

The GEIGER solution will be used for assessing, monitoring, and forecasting risks and reducing these risks by improving the SMEs’&MEs’ security with well-curated tools, and an education program targeting practitionersin-practice as “Certified Security Defenders” bringing security expertise sustainably to SMEs&MEs using existing vocational education frameworks.

GEIGER consist of a GEIGER Indicator that dynamically summarizes the current level of risk by evaluating measures undertaken for security defences among the participating SMEs&MEs. The GEIGER Indicator can be personalised by registering the enterprise’s profile and supports GDPR-compliant sharing and exchanging data about incidents.

The GEIGER Toolbox allows stepwise do-it-yourself assessment and improvement of the SMEs’&MEs’ security, privacy, and data protection with lightweight controls and advice for improved protection at varied levels of sophistication. The included tools offer endpoint, server, and network protection and guide the SME&ME in a personalised manner in data hygiene, including access and security control, data privacy management, and backup practices.

The GEIGER Education Ecosystem offers experimental-based training and cyber range-enabled challenges and will be integrated into curricula of diverse professions of non-ICT experts, offering direct impact on SMEs&MEs through target group-oriented education.

The GEIGER solution will be demonstrated in three complementary use cases within three countries. GEIGER will achieve sustainable impact by raising awareness of more than one million SMEs&MEs within a period of 2.5 years after start.

Our role

Atos will offer all their expertise in the IT field acting as the technical coordinator of the project.

Furthermore, Atos will play a principal role in the definition of the GEIGER framework architecture definition and implementation, taking the lead of the architecture definition task in WP1, and leading the entire WP2, which covers the GEIGER cloud implementation. Within this scope, Atos will develop an innovative endto-end risk forecasting system that will help to connect the different tools at cloud level in order to allow them to exchange data. This will be used also for external stakeholders such as CERTs/CSIRTs so the data can move in both directions.

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On June 1, 2020, a consortium of 18 organisations launched “GEIGER”, an innovation project that aims to develop a solution that allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to become