New Data Spaces for Green Mobility

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Mobility in the urban and maritime domains hugely impacts the global economy, generating data at high rates from an increasing number of moving objects. Management of the complete lifecycle of such data implies that trustworthy and privacy-preserving infrastructures need to be put in place, so that reliable and secure data operations can be provided. Meanwhile, the mobility data exploitation still has a wide potential due to the emerging applications and the environmental footprint caused by mobility. 

The goal of MobiSpaces is to deliver an end-to-end, mobility-aware, mobility-optimized data governance platform, with the key differentiating factor that the results of mobility analytics will be utilized to optimize the entire data path in terms of efficient, reliable, secure, fair and trustworthy data processing.

Five use cases from the urban and maritime domains will show the impact of the MobiSpaces platform on real life scenarios: 

  • iRoute: intelligent public transport routing
  • SmartSense intelligent infrastructure traffic sensing
  • Marine Traffic Tracker: edge-powered vessel tracking
  • VesselEdge: edge-computing onboard of moving vessels
  • Open Sea Map: federated learning for enhancing nautical charts

The project will cooperate with the other retained RIA projects of the HORIZON-CL4-2021-DATA-01-05 theme to exploit the results, synergies and maximize the impacts of the Cloud-Edge-IoT continuum.

Our role

Atos leads WP3 (Trustworthy & Transparent Data Governance) and Task 3.1 (Decentralized Acquisition and In-situ Data Processing).