Patient empowerment for major surgery preparation at home

Ivo Ramos
Atos Spain
Funding Program
EIT Health
Project Date

PAPRIKA aims to improve the quality of life of patients who needs surgery through a personalized program that allows a better preparation of the intervention, reduces postoperative complications, and helps to improve the recovery, as well as a reduction in hospitalization time. PAPRIKA establishes a technologically enabled and personalized programme to prepare patients for elective surgery and provide follow-up, as a way to improve the outcomes of the operation. The programme develops close collaboration with the medical environment that empowers patients to co-create their own care. 

The project integrates short-term preoperative interventions, averaging about four weeks and including endurance training, promotion of physical activity, and nutritional and psychological support. Interventions are planned both in the community and at the hospital, reducing unnecessary interactions between patients and tertiary care. 

Our role

We have a central role in the project as coordinator and technical leader of the solution implementation.