Maintaining and improving the intrinsic capacity involving primary care and caregivers

Diana Carbonero
Servicio Madrileño de Salud (SERMAS)
Funding Program
EIT Health
Project Date

POSITIVE is a comprehensive system to bring care home by constantly monitoring a patient’s intrinsic capacity and sounding an alarm when a decline in that capacity may indicate the onset of a disease or disability. The system unites a person’s full community of carers, bringing together the patient, caregiver and primary and specialized care professionals. Using remote monitoring of a person’s intrinsic capacity, POSITIVE provides a technological infrastructure to enable a new organizational model for elderly care – a model that involves all the relevant actors: patient, caregiver and primary and specialized care. 

POSITIVE advances the EIT Health goal of promoting active ageing by monitoring warning signs of frailty and permitting prevention. It directly addresses the EIT Health focus area of “Bringing Care Home”, because it allows carers to constantly check on a person in their home, and also lets them remotely prescribe solutions to changes in the person’s condition. 

Our role

We lead WP1 Business Activities: Roadmap to market with also a big role in WP3 Integration and Deployment using the Health Data Hub to store sensor data, questionnaires and medications.