Cybersecurity for small and medium-sized enterprises

José Francisco Ruiz
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Atos Spain
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SMESEC aims to provide a complete security framework carefully adjusted on the peculiarities of small and medium size companies and organizations. The SMESEC consortium is proposing to develop a cost-effective suite of cyber-security tools.

The suite supports SMEs in managing network information security risks and threats and identifying opportunities for implementing secure, innovative technologies for the digital market. As a benefit, the framework shall allow SMEs not only look at cyber-security as an obstacle but also as an opportunity for business. 

Our role

Atos Spain, as coordinator of the project and thanks to its experience in the management of European research projects and business development, has taken part in the conception, production, integration and delivery of the SMESEC Framework.

Moreover, Atos also contributes in several technical activities – such as the management of requirements, system modules development, and testing and validation of the solution – to ensure the success of the final deployment in Europe. Finally, Atos brings to SMESEC enhancements of its IEM tool, which provides event correlation for the detection of security incidents, integrating sensors from different solutions in the project, providing real-time alerts, and reporting and visualization capabilities.

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