Creating VALUE through clinical pathways & care flow optimization

Funding Program
EIT Health
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Defeating patient illness and restoring health to the patient is the dominating concept on which the provision of health services by most centers is managed. Increasing the prevalence of chronic disease among the population is jeopardizing the sustainability of the current healthcare system. VALUE is a solution aimed at care providers to deliver healthcare services providing value to the patients while keeping healthcare sustainable. The aim of the project is to create VALUE through clinical pathways and care flow optimization. Applying Interactive Process Mining to discover and optimize real clinical pathways to foster a collaborative change to Value-Based Health Care.

Our role

Atos will develop infrastructure and services for value based-care assessment and process optimization to offer to their hospital customers through their vast and already existing market infrastructure. We are one of the main technology providers within the project, offering Health Suite services to the hospital partners.

The interoperability and integration activities will enhance the technological maturity of the hospital systems and will allow a smoother performance of the Process Mining tool with hospital partners, which is crucial for project success. We also take part in the exploitation and commercialization activities, assisting with our extensive expertise and experience in business creation.