Helping policy authorities to fight against fake news

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VIGILANT’s overall objective is to provide a comprehensive framework and methodology that integrates the latest developments in tools tailored to analyse, detect, mitigate and prevent disinformation with implications for security, guided by ethical and social aspects; implements best practices in data acquisition, processing and storage, compliant with GDPR and the legal requirements for police investigations; and equips Officers with training and knowledge about disinformation campaigns and the appropriate actions for dealing with them.

VIGILANT will allow understanding the requirements of Police Authorities (PAs) in their mission to fight against disinformation and fake news. Working in close cooperation with them and with the rest of the partners of the consortium, we will tailor our existing technology assets for data management and Artificial Intelligence in order to provide services for PAs.

Our role

ARI's role within VIGILANT is based on platform integration and software, leading WP6 (Interface, System Architecture and Integration). In addition, Atos will contribute to data collection, processing and transformation based on Apache NiFi data flows, and also to the analysis of ingested information.