Promoting innovative technologies for the protection of citizens, goods and infrastructures

Ana Piñuela

Digital Security & Computer Vision R&D Manager
Ana Piñuela

Developing digital security solutions to protect citizens and organizations and operate in secure and trusted digital environments and computer vision applications for automated AI vision inspection, remote monitoring and automation. 

The Digital Security and Computer vision area focuses on the development of: 

  1. Digital security solutions for applications in multiple vertical scenarios. Areas of work include identity management, data privacy, incident detection and response, behavioral analytics, cybersecurity risk assessment, critical infrastructure protection, security information sharing and analysis, IoT/OT security, cloud security and research on the application of technologies such as artificial intelligence or blockchain to solve challenges in cybersecurity. 
  2. Computer vision algorithms and applications to generate high value in areas such as surveillance of public spaces, critical infrastructure protection, remote inspections, agriculture (animal and crop monitoring, farm automation), manufacturing, retail (customer tracking, people counting), transportation (vehicle re-identification, parking occupancy detection), fire and smoke detection.