Secure and Safe Internet of Things

Hristo Koshutanski
Adrián Arroyo
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

Aims to optimise the information security in IoT platforms and networks in a holistic, cross-layered manner (i.e IoT platforms, devices, honeypots, SDN routers, and operators controller) in order to offer a secure SerIoT platform that can be used to implement secure IoT platforms and networks anywhere and everywhere.

The project will address several challenges of the current ecosystem through a common framework that will be developed based on the cooperative efforts and prior expertise of a strong interdisciplinary consortium, including the most important European key players in the IoT domain.

Our role

From the technical side, we are responsible for the requirements definition, design, and integration of the final architecture. In addition, Atos is in charge of the sustainability strategy of the project.