Do you know the ARI Shuttles? 

ARI shuttles have been created to face one of our missions: to transfer the research results to the business units of the company and support them in generating new business in customers.

On the other hand, we are aware of the existing gap between the results from research projects and the solutions for the market.

Thus, in order to reduce this gap and fostering the adoption of innovative results by the market, the shuttles allow the incubation of ARI assets (built across several research projects) to evolve them to become market solutions reusable for commercial projects.

This incubation process includes the assets maintenance and evolution and the development of proof of concepts and pilots internal or with customers. Technical maturation is complemented by marketing, communication and business development support.

Click below on the shuttle of your interest:

  • AGORA: Data Marketplace which connects, exchanges and monetizes data.
  • FUSE: Framework for added value services in energy sector.
  • HealthSuite: Services and technology for digitalization of healthcare sector.
  • MASAI-IPan open, interoperable, and standard solution for Smart Industry with special focus on manufacturing, buildings, and agrifood.
  • Smart Vision: Catalogue of models and algorithms which analyze, process and identify ítems in images/videos.