Digital revolution in health

Manuel Perez

Head of Health Unit

Health Suite aims to empower patients and involve them in their own health management process. Thus, Health Suite develops a new way of how healthcare stakeholders interact, where the patients have the whole information in their smartphones (Pocket mHealth app) synchronised with healthcare organization systems, the policymakers have real data and practical reports about the community health (AI-based data analysis) and the doctors and health professionals have the full clinical history of the patient (an interoperable Clinical Data Repository (CDR) named Health Data Hub), acquiring all of them the power in decision making (supported by semantic knowledge of the standardized Health Digital Terminology).

Who else can benefit from Health Suite? Any stakeholder (app developers, integrators, consultants, or researchers) who need to store health records in
an interoperable, knowledge enriched, and secure compliant way. By using the Health Suite services, organizations can enable a seamless integration of their health.

Business Challenge


Although the digital transformation reached other sectors years ago, the healthcare sector, due to the complexity and sensitivity of health-related data, has had certain obstacles to integrate technological developments into the health systems, medical professionals, insurers, policy makers and patients.
The current market situation is as follows:

  • Multiplication of health applications today. 325,000 health applications in 2017, and the offer continues growing. However, the growth in demand has stagnated and currently, by contrast, there are thousands of private and specific applications that do not allow data transfer between them or between different health centres.
  • 50% of mHealth app publishers are using API aggregation services.
  • One of the main obstacles that publishers face are regulatory barriers, different for each country/region.
  • Broad penetration of the Smartphone in the market and in the world population: 9,322 million of mobile connections, according to GSM data.

In this new context, the Health Suite framework allows us to go one step further to a patient-centric model of care in the health sector, providing them with the tools to access their information in a learning process and guaranteeing the data privacy and protection.



Built under SMART principles, the Health Suite framework improves your healthcare infrastructure by combining multiple integrated solutions and added value services:

  • Develop smart-on-FHIR solutions, mobile health applications, or healthcare digital services on any platform by using our Health Data Hub. The core of the Health Suite ecosystem, our FHIRbased CDR aims to store and serve information from any clinical source in a standardized, safe, and scalable way. The easy availability of clinical data (Big Data and quality model) allows the retrieval of information in a personalized and simple way. Additionally, our CDR incorporates BiggEHR, which allows a flexible bulk data extraction ready for analytics or machine learning training, research, or any data intelligence purpose.
  • Use our Health Digital Terminology to have a set of semantic operations over medical terminologies, breaking the local terms and linguistic barriers, universalizing medical language.

The Health Suite ecosystem offered by Atos includes:

  • Standardized API that ensures:
    • Interoperability with standards that serves personalized solutions for medical or insurers.
    • Openness and availability of information to the appropriate participants.
    • Integration with other compliant health solutions and applications.
  • Health model based on quality received by the user that puts him in the centre.
  • Improvement in diagnosis and efficiency through the integration of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, in the future the qualitative analysis of the data will be achieved to develop the AI.



Health Suite enhances the efficiency, efficacy, and effectiveness of healthcare services in a completely secure environment, allowing the healthcare stakeholders to focus more on patient treatment and health.

Health Suite gives Big Data capacity and clinic integration to health stakeholders and users, based on a quality and pedagogy model and allows an apps ecosystem to developers in order to standardise and create their own solutions.

The integration of the latest technologies to provide and guarantee business intelligenceefficient management, and AI learning is positioning Atos as a good IT provider for health solutions.

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