The open data platform for industrial domains

Jorge Rodriguez

Head of Manufacturing Market & Head of Industry & Space Unit
Jorge Rodriguez Edroso

MASAI industrial platform (MASAI-IP) is an open, interoperable, and standard solution for Smart Industry with special focus in manufacturing, buildings and agrifood. It allows integrating and collecting information from sensors and other data sources, normalizing that data and processing it to provide aggregated and intelligent views of raw data to support the decision making.

MASAI-IP is powered by FIWARE technology, which is an open-source components framework to access and manage heterogeneous context information through APIs. It relies on NGSI standard (Next Generation Service Interface) for the exchange of context information. It provides a set of functional blocks called Generic Enablers to build smart solutions from context information. Atos is a founder partner and member of the FIWARE Foundation since 2016. The Foundation has currently more than 340 members from across the world, and its mission is to maintain, evolve, globalize, and support the industrialization of FIWARE.

MASAI-IP allows the efficient data integration of manufacturing, buildings and agrifood systems allowing to collect data from a variety of IoT devices in these domains, that is not entirely covered by existing proprietary solutions.

Business Challenge


Today's businesses are linearly organized and optimized within the boundaries of companies and system silos, while companies of the future will fulfill individual customer needs by using a collaborative and agile network of capabilities. In this context, IoT will have an important role in the vertical and horizontal integration of systems. New IT technologies allow to retrieve, connect and interpret all the data generated during the industrial process. Making use of that data will help companies to have more control over their own processes, supporting them when decision making is needed and so, becoming more effective and competitive. In this manner, it is a key action to retrieve it, understand it, and use it.

The integration of diverse technologies to provide business intelligence, efficient management of IoT devices, context management of data, advance visualisation of analysed data and overall security approach is positioning Atos as a good IT provider for your smart challenge. Atos is also supporting its customers in the analysis of the use cases and business scenarios that better respond to their needs and that provide an added value and better service to the customers’ end users.

MASAI-IP is addressing one of the main demanding type of solutions by industry: the aggregation of data from diverse information sources (sensors, historical data, image processing, robots, management systems and many more) to developed context-aware applications and provide smart services to business companies and final consumers. MASAI-IP is following a commonly adopted approach by IT providers in the world by relaying in NGSI standard, which is currently providing the unique standard API to access context information.

    Additionally a dedicated connector for manufacturing domain (MASAI-connector) allows gathering data from the different machinery available at companies’ shop floor level to convert it into an added-value asset by putting it available to be analysed by other complex data analytics systems. It is continuously evolving, to be aligned and close to the manufacturing industry needs. In this manner, some key features have been included like the support of the OPC UA communication protocol and the integration with Siemens MindSphere that provides MASAI-IP with some features to differentiate from its competitors. 


    MASAI-IP allows:

    • Collect information from the environment, through sensors or open data sources, mobile devices u other sources fulfilling the security and privacy requirements.
    • Full management of all IoT devices integrated in the platform.
    • Normalize the collected data to the NGSI format, translating from source formats and different protocols to the platform data models.
    • Distribute the normalized data to the diverse vertical services connected to the platform (maturation of cultivation, zero defect, intelligent buildings, etc).
    • Real time data analysis, to support the decision making.
    • Visualisation of data in a graphical and visual way through maps, graphics, alarms, etc.
    • Data provisioning for developing services from them.
    • Triggering of actions or actuations according to some defined rules and analysed data.
    • Secured access control to devices, data and services.
    • Easy integration with any external system via APIs (ERPs, issue management systems, etc)
    • Deployable both in cloud and on premise, according to the customer’s needs

    MASAI-connector is a Data Collector and System Integrator middleware component focused on IoT devices developed based on the experience gained in Manufacturing. It is composed of a set of components that tackle three different issues: 

    • Communication: grating interoperability and adaptation between different protocols and the matching between consumers and providers of data.
    • Device Management functionalities to enclose generic information about devices and also to address their security and connectivity.
    • Data handling functionalities, MASAI-connector is also granted with a subcomponent that ensures that the data obtained in the IoT world is pre-filtered before being passed to a consumer, reducing the flow or the quantity of inaccurate data.


    The solution is easy to integrate with any external system via API (ERPs, issue management systems, etc.); deployable both in cloud and on-premise, according to customer’s needs; and replicable and customizable to each customer’s requirements. MASAI-IP is relaying on consolidated open source technologies in the market which facilitates the adoption and lower the maintenance costs and prevents the vendor lock-in, as the MASAI-IP is delivered with no license costs.

    The support to the open-source components from FIWARE is guaranteed by the FIWARE Foundation and Atos is providing full support to the platform, keeping the evolution of the technology up to date.

    Thanks to the modularity of the platform architecture, a future extension to adapt it to new scenarios or to add new functionalities would be quite straightforward. The platform is scalable according to the volume of sensors, data, and services to provide the required level of service.

    Among its main capabilities, it can be highlighted:

    • Based on Generic Enablers from FIWARE and extended to enhance communication capabilities.
    • Facilitates interoperability among systems.
    • Devices Virtualisation, which allows to aggregate data and the creation of virtual entities.
    • Data filtering, limiting dataflow or access to inaccurate data to higher layers.
    • Provides monitoring of devices capacities.
    • Supports well-known IoT protocols: LoRaWan, MQTT, OPC UA, AMQP, and
    • Visualisation capabilities of real-time and historical data to facilitate the follow up of a process.