Unveiling the AIaaS paradigm

Daniel Calvo

Head of AI & Robotics Unit
Daniel Calvo Alonso

Our mission is to contribute to the digital transformation and digitalisation of the European Industries through the development of innovative AI platforms and resources with emphasis on AI as a Service paradigm, covering the whole lifecycle and AI development. Our orientation towards the research roadmap aims to ensure the application of AI to improve citizens’ lives and exploit the potential of AI and robotics to improve industrial competitiveness, considering a human-centric, ethical and trustworthy approach.


Our vision focuses on the creation of a platform to unveil the AIaaS paradigm exploiting the potential of distributed and heterogeneous infrastructure including the usage of ethical and trustworthy AI. With the aim of enabling added-value applications, our research on Emotional AI, cognitive architectures, and cloud robotics also allows the development of transversal technologies and AI solutions applicable to all vertical units for boosting synergies and maximise the impact of AI-enabled solutions.


The expertise of our team makes it possible to cover the main AI areas including Machine Learning, knowledge representation and reasoning, search and optimisation, planning, multi-agent systems, NLP, ethics, legal and social issues. In addition, through the specific research on robotics we cover technological trends such as adaptive and autonomous systems, cognitive robotics, epigenetic robotics, and robotic system safety.

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