Ana Juan Ferrer

Head of Edge Computing Unit
Ana Juan Ferrer

Our goal is to contribute to Atos strategy with regards to Edge and Cloud computing and its novel forms such as Swarm computing, for the development of new models and architectures that embrace resources increasingly available everywhere.


Computing is today pervasive in all aspects of our life. In the longer term, computing will not be constricted to specific devices but will be virtually embedded and pervasive to everything, enabling an unprecedented computing continuum.

The capacity, size, and energy harvesting limitations of these devices will require novel computing and communication architectures beyond Edge and Cloud computing developments today embracing hardware heterogeneity and hyper-distribution of computing.


Our research encompasses topics as decentralisation and over distribution of computing over Edge, Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud environments; Edge and Fog workload Management and Across Edge execution orchestration; interoperability, standardisation and heterogeneity exploitation; Edge and Cloud Service Management; and novel areas of Application for Computing Continuum such as eco-systems of cyber-physical devices, Edge, Fog and Cloud environments, each adding to the collective capability and insight.

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