Researching Earth Observation Data for application in real scenarios and fight against climate change

Elsa Prieto

Head of Agri-environment, Industry & Space Market & Head of Environment & Agrifood Unit
Elsa Prieto

Our mission is to design and implement solutions that involve the use and process of geospatial information. Our research in the geospatial domain applies to Earth Observation Data for wildlife and biodiversity monitoring, agriculture monitoring, provision of modelling and analytics tools, measure planning and decision support for climate change, protection of cultural heritage, support to transport planning, geographic information for Open Data and Big Data, and driving innovation in early warning and multiple risks, crisis, and emergency management.


As a world leader in digital transformation and one of the most sustainable companies in the IT services industry, we promote technological and social research and development to empower our customers to gain competitive advantages by means of geolocation intelligence. Our goal is to address current and future challenges related to:

  1. Cloud computing and geospatial Big Data
    • Storage and efficient processing and analysis of large amounts of vector based-data and satellite imagery.
    • Integration with Industrial Data Spaces (e.g. Agricultural Data Space).
  2. Copernicus Big Data and AI
    • Artificial Intelligence for Earth Observation.
    • Data Services for Copernicus: Data-aaS, Application Ready Data.

Based on our large expertise in national and R&D projects, our unit helps the different agents in the environment and agri-food sector in their digital transformation by providing solutions and support, based on the most relevant and disruptive ICT energies to increase their competitiveness and face the challenges of the sector. Our expertise includes:

  • Earth Observation (EO) and security supporting the Copernicus and GEOSS initiatives.
  • Creation of value from Copernicus data and EO through the provisioning of data access, modelling, and analytics tools in different domains.
  • Reinforce monitoring, planning and decision support: data processing, analysis, and visualisation.
  • Open Data and Big Data building on geographic information. Expertise on Open Geospatial Consortium (OCG) standards such as WMS, WFS, WPS, WCS, SWE, among others.
  • Observation Web with associated environmental enablers for the Future Internet.
  • Reference partner for the developments needed to adopt the INSPIRE directive in the Public Administration.

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