Development of state-of-the-art health technology placing the patient at the centre of their health management

Andrea Rossi

Director of Atos Research and Innovation
Andrea Rossi

Our mission is to support better clinical, biomedical and healthcare for patients and doctors by researching on ICT technologies such as Big Data, Semantic Interoperability, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Blockchain in the biomedical domain. The main goal is to provide new services for doctors and researchers, offering better healthcare for patients; applying our knowledge and research results to the development of innovative solutions; and transferring technology outcomes from research projects to Atos portfolio.


Our focus is on topics such as medical data interoperability, information management, Artificial Intelligence for precision medicine, remote monitoring, and patient assistance. The digital transformation of the healthcare system will be underpinned by:

  • Standard-based transformation of unstructured and uncodified biomedical data to standardised structures and code systems.
  • Hybrid HPC-cloud-based infrastructures for supporting big data and computational demanding analysis.
  • AI-based algorithms for unveiling biomedical complexity.
  • Blockchain-based secure data sharing for patient empowerment.

In the last years, the sector has been focused on new pathways for the digital transformation journey in the healthcare environment. The Health Suite offers an innovative framework for better management of clinical information in a patient-centric way. In addition, we believe in:

  • Next-generation Clinical Data Platform providing automatic transformation of unstructured clinical data to structured and encoded data. The final objective is the seamless and transparent exchange of clinical information between Health systems.
  • Data acquisition, curation, and formalization of biomedical data using eHealth standards ready for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence processing.
  • Empower patients in the management of their own Electronic Health Record (EHR) and connecting with different Hospital Information Systems (HIS)
  • Provision of innovative semantic operations over medical terminologies on encoded clinical information.
  • Blockchain-based architectures applied to Health systems

By using the Health Suite services, organizations can enable seamless integration of their health.

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