Promoting innovative technologies for the protection of citizens, goods and infrastructures

Francisco Gala

Head of HSD & Societal Transformation
Francisco Gala

Our aim is to encourage the adoption of emerging technologies by the industry and public institutions in the defense and security areas and especially in the homeland security field. Part of our mission is also to identify business opportunities for Atos related to crisis management, emergency services, protection of citizens, goods and infrastructures, border surveillance and management, and ICT support for law enforcement.

Our goal is also to encourage the adoption of emerging technologies in the Public Administration sector to help them provide more efficient and effective public services in line with the needs and demands of citizens and businesses or organizations.


We are working towards fostering EU excellence by identifying links between the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), and emerging technologies, explore “dual-use” technologies applicable in civil security, and to deliver more for less including cloud-based solutions, data and info sharing, etc.

In addition, we aim at avoiding duplication and pool resources by allowing interoperability and collaboration among Homeland, Security, and Defence organizations which are immersed in the development of NATO, EDA, or other EU cooperation frameworks.

By contributing to the implementation of the eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020 at different levels in the European Member States, we are working towards the construction of a Single European Administrative Space, with a vision of seamless cross-organizational and cross-border services and the adoption of disruptive technologies such as Blockchain, AI, HPC, Big Data, IoT, among others.

In addition, we believe that providing tools that support technology use and digital competence development will boost the Digital Education Plan.


Our values focus on:

  • Innovation in Crisis Management, Resilience, and Emergency services.
  • Protection and Surveillance of Critical Infrastructures and Systems.
  • Technologies and Processes for Border Control Management.
  • Decision Support Systems applied to security.
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear related IT solutions (CBRN).
  • Complex event processing, different mining technologies (data, link, opinion, audio…), data and context fusion, and visual analytics.
  • Design, modelling, and simulation of forward-looking scenarios.
  • Automatic image processing and recognition in high demanding scenarios.

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