Intelligent technologies for manufacturing and space challenge

Jorge Rodriguez

Head of Manufacturing Market & Head of Industry & Space Unit
Jorge Rodriguez Edroso

The industrial domain it’s been traditionally an isolated environment where operational technologies (OT) make it possible to produce products in an automatic way. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are also used but not on the shopfloor. There is a clear lack of interoperability between the OT and the IT world, that prevents decision-makers to have all the required information to manage the manufacturing plant when needed.

Our mission is to help industrial companies in their digital transformation, providing them the required support to adopt new ICT technologies that increase their competitiveness. In other words, our goal is to connect the OT world with the IT world, unlocking infinite possibilities to improve the manufacturing process.

This is complemented with our knowledge and experience in the integration and processing of geospatial information, including Copernicus and other Earth Observation sources, for environmental and agriculture monitoring, provision of modeling and analytics tools, measure planning and decision support for climate change, and driving innovation into Crisis Management.


The manufacturing sector is the biggest one in Europe, we are facing the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) that aims at digitizing European Industry through the adoption of ICT technologies like AI, Robotics, IoT, Big Data, HPC, or Cloud Computing. In addition, the European Commission is fostering digital transformation based on four main pillars: Digital Platforms, large-scale piloting, ecosystem building, and standardization.

From the Space sector perspective, we aim to address current and future challenges related to:

    • Earth Observation and Security providing inputs to the Copernicus and GEOSS initiatives.

    • Multiple Risk and Emergency Management, applying results of previous projects in an early warning for tsunamis, biodiversity, cultural heritage, agriculture, climate change, etc.

    • Be a reference partner for the developments needed to adopt the INSPIRE directive in the Public Administration and promote the open data sharing through the implementation of Data Spaces for various domains (i.e., agriculture, transport, environmental monitoring, and climate change), by combining geospatial information, IoT, Big Data and AI technologies.


ARI has a unique position to help European industrial companies and the public in their digital transformation.

Apart from having deep knowledge in the industrial and space domains, ARI has a broad experience in Digital Platforms and a team of experts in the most relevant ICT technologies, i.e., AI, Robotics, IoT, Big Data, Cybersecurity, HPC, Geospatial information management (including Copernicus and Earth Observation in general)…

In addition, we combine the production of innovative solutions with the capacity of the number one ICT company in Europe, to transfer solutions to the market.

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