5th Generation end-to-end network, experimentation, system integration, and showcasing

Elisa Jimeno
National Center for Scientific Research “DEMOKRITOS”
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

Aims to validate 5G KPIs for various 5G use cases, in both controlled set-ups and large-scale events. The 5GENESIS facility will implement and verify all evolutions of the 5G standard, engage a wide diversity of technologies and chain innovations that span over all domains, unify heterogeneous physical and virtual network elements under a common coordination and openness framework, and support further experimentation projects, in particular those focused on vertical markets.

The five platforms of the 5GENESIS facility are:

  • The Athens Platform: Showcase secure content delivery and low latency applications in large public events
  • The Malaga Platform: Showcase mission-critical services in the lab and in outdoor deployments
  • The Limassol Platform: Demonstrate service continuity and ubiquitous access in underserved areas
  • The Surrey Platform: Massive IoT services based on Machine Type Communications (mMTC)
  • The Berlin Platform: Immersive service provisioning on ultra-dense areas covered by various network deployments.
Our role

Atos leads the activities related to the management and orchestration and more specifically the development in Malaga facility. We support technical activities related to network virtualisation, and management of infrastructure resources. Additionally, we coordinate the work related to the open API, the service-level functions, and the interfaces for verticals.