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Official launch of IoT NGIN website

The IoT NGIN has announced the launch of the project website, available in the following link: The website will play a key role as the information focal point and delivery channel for the project results.
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Spain is the fourth country that receives the most funds from the EU's R&D&I programme

On this occasion, Atos ranks as the sixth largest Spanish entity in terms of project participation (166 in total, of which ARI coordinates 35 projects).
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Atos International: Atos participates in COSMIC EU Project to develop powerful inspection system to detect threats in shipping

COSMIC proposes an innovative approach for the detection of CBRNE materials allowing fast inspection of many containers and vehicles in seaports and in crossing borders.
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8th Annual Event of Executive Women

The Annual Event of Executive Women delves into women's demands and roles in the corporate world. Download the full article and watch the video promotion.


Best Industry Paper

The best industry paper award was granted to Aljosa Pasic for the paper "Research-to-market transition in European Cybersecurity Projects". The award included an invitation to present the paper at CyberCamp 2015 (, taking place in Madrid in November 2015, 26-29.

Best position paper in Concertation Meeting IoS 2014

ARTIST project won the prize for the best position paper in the Concertation Meeting for the Cloud, Software and Services unit projects on September 2014 in Brussels.

Olympic Video Player

A special Award from the Olympic Golden Rings 2014 was granted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the Olympic Video Player. ARI was part of the team that contributed to it work. Watch the video here:


Press Releases


Improving the European capacity on operational agriculture monitoring through the use of COPERNICUS information

Leveraging Know-Your-Customer Processes with the Benefits of eIDAS-Electronic Identification

Launched in April 2020 as part of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) program, GRIDS seeks to facilitate the cross-border acceptance of e-identification and remote know-your-customer (KYC) processes.
Example of the framework that enables multiscale simulations.

PerMedCoE: Exascale-ready cell-level simulations for European Personalised Medicine

Coordinated by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and funded by the European Commission, this recently launched HPC centre of excellence will optimise codes for cell-level simulations in HPC/Exascale and bridge the gap between organ and molecular simulations, thus contributing to the Europ