Carmen Perea

Transport Systems & Urban Mobility Head of Unit
Carmen Perea

Our mission is to design and operate digital services and data-sharing platforms to support transport and mobility players transformation for tomorrow’s data-driven and multimodal transport economy.

We leverage the most innovative technologies and business models for creating value for private and public stakeholders involved in the mobility, transport and logistics sectors.


Our vision is to prepare the right ecosystem around the value of new technologies and business models for different stakeholders and to maximise their business and service efficiency while contributing to the mitigation of environmental challenges.

Data is at the heart of this transformation, notably, thanks to the mobile networks (5G) ,IoT revolutions and data availability through data spaces which combined with AI technologies and value added services, enables the connection of people, infrastructures, vehicles, and ultimately passengers and freight with transport services to better meet stakeholders’ expectations.


We support all types of transport players, as well as the broad transport ecosystem: road, rail, sea & air, logistics, and postal. We deliver innovative transport applications and blueprints to help the transport industry to reap rapidly and cost-efficiently the benefits of the latest digital technologies. We support stakeholders to benefit of the added-value potential of their data or third party’s data, without forgetting high standards of data protection and data security.

As examples of business accelerators, our vehicle data sharing marketplace AGORA, our logistics data-sharing network help mobility and logistics partners with the creation of new digital services support decision-making based on data.