Atos Research & Innovation hub

Bringing to the market the latest research outcomes to address Atos customers´ needs

Welcome to our online presentation of Atos Research & Innovation (ARI). We hope that you will enjoy your navigation across the different sections of our site!

The Research & Innovation group is the R&D hub for new technologies and a key reference for the whole Atos group. Thanks to our large expertise in research, development and innovation projects, we are able to bring new solutions and innovative elements to customers’ business.

The group focuses on project development, combining economic exploitation of investigations’ results and the most up-to-date technological achievements with high awareness of human and social factors. The main objectives of the Research & Innovation group are to:

  • Participate in research, development and innovation (RDI) projects that enrich Atos offer portfolio, market view or position with respect to emerging technologies.
  • Be a source of innovative solutions to be used by Atos sales force and technical staff.
  • Become an entry gate to European institutions for the different units and customers of Atos, thanks to the large background of European Commission projects (since 1987).
  • Support Atos business units in other countries, as well as their customers, thanks to the network of public and private partners across Europe, which in turn, are current or potential customers of the company.

Our team is distributed in various locations: Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Sevilla, Santander, Valladolid, Santa Cruz de Tenerife in Spain and Brussels in Belgium. The group is structured in a way to facilitate the relationships with the different Markets and Service Lines of the company. 

Thanks to ARI, Atos is a full member of the Big Data Value Association BDVA and the 5G Infrastructure Association. Atos Spain is a core partner of EIT Health and EIT Digital. Atos is also a platinum member of the FIWARE Foundation with the support of ARI and due to our active participation in the whole FIWARE initiative. ARI experts sit on the governing boards of all those associations.

Atos Spain is member of EFFRA, the industrial counterpart of the Factories of the Future PPP, which contributes to the definition of manufacturing-related topics. Our expectation with this membership is to position Atos Spain as a reference in the R&D Manufacturing Domain. Additionally, Atos has been particularly active in the areas of Digital Platforms and Digital Innovation Hubs, instruments created for the implementation of the Strategy for Digitizing European Industry (DEI).

Finally, the number and diversity of projects described in this report show the intensive activity of our group. The latest EU H2020 statistics continue to rank Atos Spain as the first Digital Services company at European level with most participation in projects. This excellent position in the EU Research and Innovation arena increases the visibility, not only of ARI and Atos Spain, but also of Atos as a global company.

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