Novel network architectures and virtualized software networks

Aurora Ramos

Head of Smart Networks and Services Unit
Aurora Ramos

Our mission focuses on leading the definition of new network architectures and protocols focusing on increasing overall network performance (reducing the latency, increasing the bandwidth and number of connected devices) while keeping security standards and sustainability in terms of network energy consumption. The development of advanced technologies will enable new generations of mobile broadband networks to create new business opportunities for customers.


We work towards enabling future scenarios for use cases related to eHealth, Connected Mobility, Industry 4.0 or Media & Entertainment, which based on mobile communications networks (4G, 5G and Beyond5G) can act as a catalyst to encourage industries from all sectors to exploit their possibilities and generate use cases that were previously unthinkable.


Thanks to our long trajectory over the years in National and European R&D programs, we offer great expertise in new technologies that enable the development of future communications networks, such as Software Networks (NFV/SDN combination), Management and Orchestration (MANO) and OSS, Network programmability, VNF testing, validation and verification (VnV), telco-grade cloud-native deployments, Network slicing, Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC), multi-vendor environments, among others. This allows us to make the new mobile communications generations a reality.