Alicia García Medina

The Annual Event of Executive Women delves into women's demands and roles in the corporate world, where our Director, Alicia García, was interviewed for the latest Annual Event of Executive Women.


"Atos is a technology company that has evolved a lot in the field of work-life balance with proposals such as flexible schedules or teleworking. There has been progress, but much more can be done. We ourselves have to start this pulling project. If society doesn't make it easy for you, we have to achieve it by ourselves and not stand in the way of society that leaves us. I'm not in favour of quotas. The opportunities are the same, but women have the disadvantage of having to make ourselves worth more. On the other hand, there is a lack of interest in technology among girls and this needs to be worked on in the family and at school. Making them want to be achieved through referrals."

Alicia García

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