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Francesco D'Andria
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European industry companies face great challenges to transfer knowledge among the staff. Machine downtime in UK alone cost €210bn per year and over 70% are estimated to be caused by human errors. While Virtual Reality (VR) has been proven to be an efficient tool for training and knowledge sharing, the implementations of VR are long and costly, disabling the companies to apply the technology broadly

CollaboVR is a novel multiuser interaction software application for VR, enabling users (e.g., engineers, operators and maintenance professionals) to interact in a shared virtual space with users in other parts of the world. The product is a package of software tools and standardized components, enabling the users to easily add any 3D environment and 3D object to a virtual collaborative space and interact. CollaboVR aims to significantly improve knowledge transfer among staff

Our role

We develops assets for a novel multi-interaction software application for virtual reality (VR) integrated into a collaborative training framework ready-to-use. Although we are not the Business Champion, it looks at potential use cases to be developed in a real client environment to position itself as a key actor in the AR/VR markets.