Technical Coordination

Ángel Saez is a Computer Engineer who has spent all his professional life in the field of RDI, working in many different roles. He joined ARI in 2001 and he has been a witness and, he would like to think, a player in its growth since.

During his first working years he took part mainly in development tasks, from junior programmer to architect. The research projects of those years were aimed at the fields of Education, Distant Learning, eInclusion and Industrial Innovation Management. In 2005 he started to combine his role in projects with a new role that was taking shape as a support function for the whole department. In 2007 he started to dedicate fully to his role as Technical Coordinator.

This role, which has evolved over the years as part of ARI’s ecosystem, has one fundamental purpose, which is to help the research teams to get all the technical means they may need for the execution of their work. In order to do that, Ángel is carrying out very different jobs:

  • HR related, such as talent hunting, recruitment, training planning and execution.
  • Knowledge Management, studying the needs, proposing and implementing solutions to store and help re-utilize the know-how of our teams.
  • IT Management of our pcs, servers and networks
  • Procurement
  • Security Officer
  • Development of ad-hoc tools for ARI.